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    On Time Delivery

    Like every other test, performance testing is executed to determine the statistics of a software program that determines its efficiency and stability. Performance testing will help you discover how well your application will perform under data transfer stress and user load.

    Performance testing will reveal the parameters and boundaries around which your application will continue to function. It is important that you know and understands what your application can and cannot do. This is much safer than taking risks based on assumptions and rickety promises.

    Testing may also reveal if and where there is room for improvement or redundant sections that have to be removed.

    As a leading JMeter Load Testing Service providers, At Testrig, we understand the importance of performance and the need for your app to maintain its operating edge. Our performance testing team will determine the operating capacity of your application, providing you with information that will enable you to avoid disaster in the future. Especially if your application is built for business and serves numerous customers. Performance testing is therefore highly important for business apps and applications for social services.

    All time-zones coverage

    All time-zones coverage

    Highly skilled testers

    Highly skilled testers

    Why Choose Us

    Why work with us

    • At Testrig, we run the full range of diagnostics. We run load tests, stress tests, endurance tests, spike tests, volume tests, and scalability tests.
    • Our performance tests will help you determine the minimum hardware requirement that potential users must have execute your application on their device.
    Our Clients

    Without knowing these performance metrics, you cannot develop and employ the appropriate mitigation strategy or at least warn customers of parameters that they must not exceed. Common metrics we measure during Performance Testing Services;

    • CPU usage.
    • Memory utilization.
    • disk usage.
    • disk time.
    • bandwidth.
    • private bytes.
    • commuted memory.
    • memory pages per seconds.
    • page faults per second.
    • disk queue length.
    • response time.
    • maximum active sessions.
    • data locks.
    • thread counts.
    • hit ratios.
    • bottlenecks.
    • garbage collection.

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